Which Serial Killer Killed The Most People :-Read Exclusive Details!


Figure out Who Killed the Most People. Figure out what roused them to become crooks.

The most strange episode is found when we glance through history to learn about crime percentages and crooks. As well as killing honest youngsters, lawbreakers additionally cause fiercely, easily restricting and straying, embalming cadavers, putting away remaining parts of bodies, rape, capturing, and barraging.

People from the US needed data about Luis Garavito, and Pedro Lopez who were liable for in excess of 300 passings. We should inspect Who Was The Most Serial Killer?


Luis, otherwise called The Beast of Genova was conceived 25-January-1957 to Rosa Delia Cubillos in Colombia and Manuel Antonio Garavito.

His wrongdoings remember actual attack for carcasses and kids matured 6-16 years of age, pederast and torments, as well as the homicide of in excess of 200 minors. At 23 years old, he was a serial killer.

Policia Nacional de Colombia captured him in April 1999. He was condemned at 2,710 years detainment and 9 days all out.


Sources demonstrate that Luis Garavito was the top serial killer. Pedro Lopez is second. The wrongdoings carried out by Luis range from 1980 to 1999 and remember regions for Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela.


Pedro, otherwise called The Beast of the Andes was brought into the world to Benilda Lopez de Casteneda in Colombia on 8 October 1948. He saw his mother’s whoredom since the beginning. As per sources, he endeavored actual attack on his sister at age 8 years of age. He was at last removed from the house.

He attacked and killed in excess of 110 young ladies younger than 18, and ransacked vehicles.

He was condemned for a very long time. He was shipped off a Colombian mental medical clinic in view of his emotional wellness.

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As per sources, Luis’ father sincerely and truly attacked his mother. Rosa was additionally savage. The couple were in a miserable conjugal relationship. Pedro likewise saw a dull youth due to his mother’s unlawful calling. Youth viciousness can prompt culpability.

Did you find data about Luis or Pedro helpful? If it’s not too much trouble, remark Who was the most productive serial killer.


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