What Are The Names Of Santa’s Reindeer? Personality, Traits & More


Christmas is the ideal opportunity to accompany your loved ones. You can enjoy extended periods of time with your small children and show them Christmas customs. Since kids are consistently inquisitive creatures, there are chances your little one could ask you “what are the names of St Nick’s Reindeer?” Assuming that is your case, or regardless of whether the inquiry has come absolutely crazy, we have addressed everything in this article.

‘Twas the Night Prior to Christmas’ was quite possibly the earliest tune that characterized the name of the initial eight reindeer in 1823. Later on, in 1939 the mainstream society presented our exceptionally adorable Rudolph. It’s entirely astonishing for see that individuals have barely any insight into every one of the names of St Nick’s Reindeer. The blow molds of Rudolph are viewed as rare, they are that unique and individuals have close to zero insight into him or the other reindeer.

Prior to noting what are the names of St Nick’s reindeer, you would need to know the number of St Nick’s reindeer are there. Simply sit back and relax! You will find every one of your solutions on St Nick’s reindeer here in addition to their character qualities. Kids love to relate themselves to reindeer however to educate them concerning those qualities, you would need to peruse everything here.

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What number of Reindeer Does St Nick Have? What Are The Names Of St Nick’s Reindeer?

What Are The Names Of St Nick’s Reindeer? Characters, Characteristics and More

St Nick has 10 reindeer specifically Dasher, Artist, Prancer, Lady, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph, and Olive. The initial eight St Nick’s reindeer were the production of Merciful Clarke Moore. Rudolph was added to the rundown when Robert L May expressed: “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” in 1939.

The final remaining one, Olive should be added to St Nick’s reindeer by a typical mix-up. Many individuals felt that the first verses said “Olive, The Other Reindeer” when it really was “All of the other reindeer”. Fortunately, this normal slip-up has made another reindeer and we got our Olive.

Are St Nick’s Reindeer Male Or Female?

Mainstream society generally alludes to St Nick’s reindeer as male. As a matter of fact, Rudolph was even alluded to as “him” in the melody. Nonetheless, two teachers from the College of Edinburgh emerged with the way that main female reindeer can have horns in winters particularly at Christmas. Male reindeer shed their prong before December. In this way, in the event that you see a reindeer with its delightful headgear at Christmas, it’s a female.

Alongside this reality, realize that male reindeer can have tusks provided that they are mutilated. After maiming, the prong shedding process stops in male reindeer, in any case, there’s nothing Christmas-y about this reality.

Likewise, from here on out on the off chance that you like to reindeer as guys, as they do in the mainstream society, realize that you are alluding to mutilated reindeer. I realize that made you giggle. In this article, we are additionally going to allude to St Nick’s reindeer as guys.

Character Qualities Of St Nick’s Reindeers

In the event that you didn’t have the foggiest idea about this previously, the 10 St Nick’s all’s reindeer have different character attributes and abilities. One is an expert in sewing and the other is enchanted. This large number of characteristics will assist you with clearing up all the St Nick’s reindeer for your children. You might actually utilize these qualities to let your children know which St Nick’s reindeer would they say they are?

1. Dasher | Consistently All set Out

Dasher; What Are The Names Of St Nick’s Reindeer?

Dasher is the principal St Nick’s reindeer and he’s the quickest one. Dasher is generally prepared to run out of his home in the North Pole. You should rest assured he’s generally the first to complete the race.

“Dasher” is roused by the German name “Dascher” and that implies handbag producer. Thus, our Dasher is great at sewing as well.

Qualities Of Dasher

Extraordinary at sports.

Is never scared of cold.

Great at design and styling.

Wild partier.

Is generally cheerful and has a major heart.

2. Artist | The Entertainer

Artist; What Are The Names Of St Nick’s Reindeer?

Source: holidappy.com

Artist is the second St Nick’s reindeer. He is an outgoing individual and stunningly friendly with individuals. At the point when he’s not aiding St Nick in disseminating the gifts, he has dance gatherings and moves his heart out.

Qualities Of Artist

Loves to move on each event.

You will continuously find him on the dance floor.

Celebrates fiercely.

Loves to spend time with companions.

Is very famous among his mythical beings.

3. Prancer | Fixated on His Appearance

Prancer; What Are The Names Of St Nick’s Reindeer?

Source: holidappy.com

Prancer is a super-cherishing reindeer who might do anything for the wide range of various St Nick’s reindeer. Likewise, he loves himself more than anybody and conveys a little mirror to check out at himself occasionally. Additionally, his bridle is red and green in variety.

Attributes Of Prancer

Looks incredible without fail.

Has heaps of adornments and conveys them with beauty,

Very faithful amigo.

Loves to sing St Nick Claus is comin’ to town.

4. Lady | The One With Sorcery

Lady; What Are The Names Of St Nick’s Reindeer?

Source: holidappy.com

Lady is a comedic performer who loves to shock individuals with his enchanted stunts. He is a performer by all means and vanishes whenever. Lady frequently deceives other reindeer by disappearing their sweets sticks.

Attributes Of Lady

Draws in individuals.

Loves to engage individuals.

Performs sorcery interesting without a hitch.

Is frequently late working.

5. Comet | The Allrounder

Comet; What Are The Names Of St Nick’s Reindeer?

Source: holidappy.com

Very much like his name, Comet is a St Nick’s reindeer who is out of the world. Comet is the attractive one of the part. He’s the go-to fellow for everybody. Kids love everything about Comet and this dazzles St Nick. Additionally, Comet roused the little ones to behave as well as possible, so he’s the hero.

Attributes Of Comet

Savvy and attractive.


Continuously prepared to help individuals around him.

6. Cupid | Friendly To All

Cupid; What Are The Names Of St Nick’s Reindeer?

Source: holidappy.com

Cupid is frequently alluded to in mainstream society as a young lady. She loves to fulfill everybody. Cupid sings and spreads the adoration on the planet. Likewise, she’s the one showering every one of the red hearts on individuals in affection.

Characteristics Of Cupid

Loves sporting red and green.

Tracks down mistletoe.

Loves to spreads bliss and love.

Has sweet tooth yet additionally prefers crunchy delights.

7. Donner | The Outgoing individual

Donner; What Are The Names Of St Nick’s Reindeer?

Source: holidappy.com

Alongside Artist, Donner is likewise the outgoing person of the part. In German, “Donner” signifies thunder. Donner loves to be the focal point of consideration and consistently gets pleasant commendations subsequent to singing Christmas tunes.

Qualities Of Donner

Continuously needs to lead individuals.

Inventive and great at discusses.

Loves to sing Christmas tunes, particularly the ones about St Nick.

8. Blitzen | The Quickest One

Blitzen; What Are The Names Of St Nick’s Reindeer?

Source: holidappy.com

The word Blitzen is motivated by the German word for lightning. He’s the first to convey every one of his gifts since he’s just about as quick as lightning. Blitzen has extraordinary abilities of taking off overhead and loves to move around roars.

Attributes Of Blitzen

Useful obsessive worker.

Continuously completes his work on time or even previously.

Loves to get things done for youngsters.

9. Rudolph | Children’s Number one

Rudolph; What Are The Names Of St Nick’s Reindeer?

Source: holidappy.com

Rudolph joined the crowd somewhat later yet he got the most well known among kids. Rudolph’s shining red nose drives St Nick to the children’s homes. At the point when he isn’t working with St Nick he plays find the stowaway with the other St Nick’s reindeer and tracks down them in every one of the dull corners with his gleaming nose.

Qualities Of Rudolph

Very modest and somewhat timid.

Loves to help other reindeer.

Finish’s every one of the undertakings.

Energetic with companions brilliantly.

10. Olive | Not The Other Reindeer

Olive; What Are The Names Of St Nick’s Reindeer?

Many individuals heard the word Olive and he was right there, the little less known reindeer of the group. He never needs to get the notice so he remains back. Notwithstanding, with regards to companions you will continuously track down him at the front.

Characteristics of Olive

Knows how to keep up with kinships.

Keen and fun loving.

Clever and happy.

Not a consideration searcher.

Wrapping Up

Presently, you have all that to relate your children to reindeer. Whether your child is active or is the shrewd one of the house, you know what to name him. I trust now you found every one of the solutions to your question “What are the names of St Nick’s reindeer?” and “what are the qualities of Santa Clause’s reindeer”. In the event that this article was enlightening to you, remark underneath and let us know as to whether you preferred it or not.

Besides you can likewise educate us a reality regarding any of these St Nick’s reindeer that I could have missed. Share this article with your companions and have an extraordinary day!

Much of the time Clarified pressing issues

What are the names of St Nick’s 10 reindeer?

The names of St Nick’s 10 reindeer are-

1. Dasher

2. Artist

3. Prancer

4. Lady

5. Comet

6. Cupid

7. Donner

8. Blitzen

9. Rudolph

10. Oliver

What is St Nick’s genuine name?

St Nick’s genuine name is Holy person Nicholas.


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