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Our focal objective is to get ready people to affect the planet. We do this by making exceptional things and by endeavoring to have an impact in the organizations where we dwell and work. We show this perspective across all highlights of our association from our things to our delegate commitment in our organizations.

Our Story

Troublesome work, advancement, and a friendship for nature are gigantic bits of the Timberland region story. They have been since the earliest reference point.

Everything started in 1952 when our coordinator, Nathan Swartz, bought a half-interest in the Abington Shoe Association. He moved continuously up from an apprenticeship resulting to moving to the US and over the long haul bought out his accomplice and welcomed his kids into the business.

The Abington Shoe Association in a little while moved to Newmarket, New Hampshire, arranged in a minute corner of New England known for its fantastic mountain ranges, harsh shorelines, thick boondocks, streams, lakes, and permission to uncommon east coast metropolitan communities. This region of the planet experiences each kind of environment — blizzards, second rainstorms, unforgiving winters, and summer heat waves.

Wandering external in any kind of weather patterns was an issue Backwoods region was bound to handle.

In 1973 our special waterproof boots called the “Woods region” were planned. They were harsh, overall around made, and — in view of a creative implantation framing methodology which was new to the footwear business — they persevered through the components. These excellent “yellow” boots set new standards for waterproof execution in the footwear business. They ended up being correspondingly notable with outdoors fans who required security in all conditions, capable trade workers who required unpleasant dependable stuff, and various others who just required a phenomenal looking arrangements of boots. These boots described our picture. They were vital to the point that in 1978 we renamed the entire association.

Woodland region’s tradition of troublesome work, advancement, and love of nature continues. We are here to spur and set up the world to step outside, coordinate and further develop it. Today, we view as the external everywhere, from simply outer our approaches to places quite far past. We track down it in metropolitan communities, provincial regions, and the open country. It’s where we work, play and point of interaction with one another. That is the explanation not entirely settled to make our picture and company a power for positive change. We are centered around making our world greener, our organizations more grounded, and our things better with less impact on the environment.

This mission is business as usual.


Right when we plan another boot, shoe, coat, sets of glasses, or even a Shirt, it not simply has to look great, we truly need to ponder its impact on nature. Since introducing our novel waterproof boots, we’ve remained focused in on making innovative things that get people outside, are made with normally discerning materials, and made to continue onward for quite a while. We hope to not simply limit our impact on the environment through the things we make, yet to at some point become net positive.

Our thing headways all through the long haul:

  • 1968:The Swartz family familiarizes implantation framing waterproof development with the footwear business, allowing us to make a piece of the principal really waterproof cowhide boots.
  • 1973:We presentation our interesting guaranteed waterproof boot called the Woodland region.
  • 1978:We present our direct sewn agreeable shoe including premium cowhides and hand-sewed nuances.
  • 1979:Our first deck shoe dispatches, conveying premium craftsmanship to people in summer environment.
  • 1980:We take our things outside the US curiously, starting in Italy.
  • 1988:We present Timberland® clothing.

1999:The Backwoods region PRO® Series dispatches, passing execution and confirmation on to gifted experts everywhere.

2005:Timberland assists with laying out the Calfskin Working Social occasion (LWG), and vows to simply source cowhide from tanneries that accomplish a silver/gold rating from LWG surveys

2007:The one of a kind Earthkeepers® boot is introduced, made with reused, regular, and boundless materials.

2013:The resemblance 128 million plastic water bottles are reused into our footwear, starting around 2009. By 2018, that number creates to in excess of 345 million.

2018:We make ReBotl™ material for footwear and dress which is made with reused plastic.

2019:British style originator Christopher Raeburn is named Overall Inventive Boss for Backwoods region, conveying with him a perspective of Redone, Diminished, Reused thing creation.

More grounded Organizations

We genuinely believe in the power of prospering organizations to accelerate overall change with one bound together, vigorous voice. Furthermore, we support the skilled trades as serious areas of strength for a for building more grounded networks through help. Each full-time Woodland region specialist gets up to 40 hours of paid opportunity to contribute their organizations. We’ve served more than 1.2 million hours all over the planet, with a target of showing up at 1.5 million hours by 2020.

Our social class organization tries all through the long haul:

1989:Our first neighborhood event is held with City Year, a public youth organization bundle.

1992:We farewell The Method of Service™ agent laborer program through which delegates can use something like 16 hours of dealt with time to contribute. In 1995, we stretch out the benefit to up to 40 paid hours.

1998:We hold our most important yearly tremendous Serv-a-palooza event. Reliably, the entire association adventures outside our work environments and stores to contribute networks all around the planet.

2001:Timberland Virtuoso accomplices with SkillsUSA to help with propelling the trades among youths across the U.S.

2014:We show up at a million hours of overall neighborhood.

2017:Timberland transforms into a CNCS (Undertaking for Public and Neighborhood) Supervisor of Public Assistance, guaranteeing any affirmed graduated class of the Concordance Corps or AmeriCorps thought for corporate open situations at the association.

2019:We sign the Age T vow to help future students and continuous graduated class of the skilled trades.


Trees and green metropolitan spaces can chip away at the idea of our planet and our inspanidual success. They clean air, thwart crumbling, save water, decrease pressure and significantly more. Tree laying out expects a critical part in our commitment to the environment. We’ve laid out huge number of trees all around the planet, drawing in a large number of smallholder farmers all the while. Starting around 2001, we’ve laid out over 10.2 million trees all over the planet. We hope to lay out 50 million extra trees by 2025 considering the way that a greener future is a predominant future.

Our commitment to the environment all through the long haul:

1993:We hug the regular ethics stage called Ceres. Ceres handles the world’s most prominent acceptability challenges, including natural change, water lack and pollution, and one-sided workplaces.

1997:We hold our most essential far reaching Earth Day laborer volunteer event and haven’t missed a year since.

2001:Horqin Desert reforestation tries start. We help out Japanese NGO Green Association to lay out trees in China’s Horqin Desert to stifle dust storms and further foster air quality for the entire region.

2006:Timberland farewells Overall Stewards program. Reliably, 30 dedicated laborers from around the world specialist far in abundance of their day assignments to lead our normal and organization plan in their areas.

2010:Timberland accomplices with the Smallholder Farmers Association (SFA) to make a reasonable agroforestry strategy in Haiti through an association of nurseries. 5,000,000 trees are planted by 2015, while at the same time growing the gather yields and vocations of thousands of smallholder farmers.

2015:In North America, we commitment to restore or make metropolitan green spaces comparable to the size of our retail stores inside 5 metropolitan communities in 5 years. We finish 2 years early and, in 2018, vow to green another 500K square feet in U.S. metropolitan communities by 2023.

2017:We again team up with SFA and impact its agroforestry model to take cotton developing back to Haiti unprecedented for a considerable length of time. The primary business crops are gathered in 2019.

2018:Our ten millionth tree is planted, showing up at our 2020 objective 2 years ahead of schedule.

2019:We set forth a target to lay out 50 million extra trees by 2025. One key endeavor we support is the Incomparable Green Wall, an African-drove improvement to grow a line of trees across the entire width of the body of land to fight natural change, drought, starvation, battle, and development.


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