Longest Snapchat Streak in 2022 | Highest Record of Snapchat Streak!


Snapchat is acquiring notoriety among all ages. You can track down Snapchat on everybody’s telephone. It has made a great deal of buzz on the web because of its appealing elements. Snapchat generally acquaints new highlights with its clients. One such astonishing element that is doing thunders is Snapchat Streak. Isn’t it cool? Indeed, it is and you are on the right page to find out about this moving element on Snapchat additionally I will refresh you about what is the Longest Streak On Snapchat.

Snapchat has made a novel reason, particularly among age Z. Gen Z has filled the ascent of Snapchat and presently they are tapping on its new element of sending snaps consistently and that is Streaks. It makes a sensation of rivalry among the young as everyone needs to come out on top in the race and needs to show others they have a decent companionship bond.

Might it be said that you are prepared to be aware of this astonishing component on Snapchat? Indeed, I realize the response is yes. So the thing would you say you are sitting tight for? Begin learning about this moving element on Snapchat.

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What is the Longest Streak On Snapchat?

What is the Longest Streak On Snapchat?

Snapchat Streaks, otherwise called Snapstreaks, is a measurement for how long you enjoy with a Snapchat companion. A Snapstreak begins when you send or get Snaps from similar Snapchat client for three days straight. You can undoubtedly distinguish the Snapstreak on the Snapchat stage with the assistance of the fire image that shows up next to the contact name on the talk page.

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The number close to the fire image keeps ascending to address the quantity of days a Snapstreak has been dynamic. To keep a Snapstreak running, you should send and get pictures and video Snaps to your Snapchat companions once like clockwork. The Snapstreak chain will break in the event that you neglect to do this errand.

How To Begin With Snapchat Streak?

What is the Longest Streak On Snapchat in 2022 | Most elevated Record of Snapchat Streak!

To figure out how to utilize Snapchat Streak, you should send a snap to your Snapchat companions who keep on conversing with you on Snapchat and get a reaction in 24 hours or less. Remember, make a legitimate gathering for your snap streak, – somebody who is ready to send you a snap consistently. What else can be preferable over your companions who continue to associate with you on Snapchat? You can make a decent Snapstreak chain.

Indeed, assuming you pick the perfect individuals for your Snapstreak, you can make the longest Snapstreak on Snapchat. It is very much like the perfect individuals for the right work.

Video On the most proficient method to Get a Snapchat Streak?

To make a Snapchat Streak, follow the bit by bit guide beneath

Emoticons For Snapchat Streak

What is the Longest Streak On Snapchat in 2022 | Most elevated Record of Snapchat Streak!

Before I answer your question on What is the Longest Snapchat Streak, you should be familiar with the emoticons for a Snapchat streak. When you start Snapchat streaking with your companions, you’ll see a fire emoticon close to the contacts’ username.

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Indeed, you may be thinking there is just a single fire emoticons that seems when you start a Snapchat streak. Correct? Indeed, the response is a major no. Different emoticons show up alongside the contact’s username and that is given underneath.

The fire emoticon means that you’ve been on a Snapchat streak with the Snapchat client.

The hourglass emoticon addresses that you should be very careful since it connotes your streak is going to end.

The 100 emoticon demonstrates that you and your Snapchat companion have been sharing snaps for somewhere around 100 days.

The Mountain emoticon, which depicts long streaks, is another choice. It’s like you’ve come to the highest point of Mount Everest. At the point when you arrive at 1000 Snapchat streaks, you’ll get this emoticon.

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What Is The Longest Snapchat Streak?

What is the Longest Streak On Snapchat in 2022 | Most elevated Record of Snapchat Streak!

Snapchat streaks carried out on April 6, 2015, including different Snapchat highlights. This component is simply astonishing that you like to tap on it at the present time. Snapchat has turned into a dependence on huge number of individuals and everybody is after endlessly streaking on Snapchat.

Contingent upon the particular number of days you have been begun trading snaps, your Snapchat streak score is addressed by a number next to the client’s name and an emoticon. It’s astonishing for realize that this element is making buzz and enjoys acquired a serious benefit. Official specialists of Snapchat can provide you with the investigation of the greatest score of Snapchat Streak.

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Indeed, let me tell you the longest Snapchat streak is 2478+ and it is overseen by Daniel and Robin. To be aware of different numbers in the line of the Snapchat Streaks, go through the rundown underneath

Emily Fulk and Audrey Fulk, 1816 (Walk, fifth 2022)

Sushan Poojary and Ankur Chheda, 1500 (Walk, fifth 2022)

Jasmine and Hailee, 1660 (Walk, fifth 2022)

Sarah Beale and Ann Beale , 1830 (Walk, fourth 2022)

Dillon and Tessa, 1235 (Walk, third 2022)

Milica Zekic and Ella Damaser, 1835 (Walk, second 2022)

Chris and Krisana, 2358 (Walk, second 2022)

Colin and Marsha, 2419 (Walk, second 2022)

Raphael and Gregoire, 2466 (Walk, second 2022)

Austin and Tiana, 2100 (Walk, second 2022)

Nadja and Michelle, 2254 (Walk, first 2022)

Mallory Devine and Katie Conroy , 2250 (Walk, first 2022)

Emma Belding and Michaela Matthews, 1991 (February, 28th 2022)

Anna and Krista, 2365 (February, 27th 2022)

Justin D and Bree O, 1293 (February, 26th 2022)

Kim and Mathis, 2012 (February, 26th 2022)

Andrew and Shelby, 2000 (February, 26th 2022)

Laura and Melissa, 2183 (February, 26th 2022)

Katrina and Toby, 2295 (February, 26th 2022)

Claire and Ethan, 1109 (February, 26th 2022)

Leila and David, 1921 (February, 26th 2022)

Ashley Nielsen and Most youthful Demon Youngster, 1590 (February, 25th 2022)

Demon Youngster and Ashley Nielsen, 1490 (February, 25th 2022)

Brooke and Lori, 2358 (February, 24th 2022)

Christina and Tristan, 1706 (February, 24th 2022)

Johan and Elin, 1804 (February, 23th 2022)

Johan S and Felix, 1994 (February, 23th 2022)

Johan and Emil, 2165 (February, 23th 2022)

Ryan and Jennifer , 1505 (February, 23th 2022)

Dominic and Chris, 1876 (February, 23th 2022)

Q Nguyen and Jeena Jones, 1227 (February, 22th 2022)

Q Nguyen and Kierra, 1290 (February, 22th 2022)

Q Nguyen and Kim Nguyen, 1106 (February, 22th 2022)

Q Nguyen and Jade Bartlett, 1779 (February, 22th 2022)

Eeen and Candid, 1625 (February, 22th 2022)

Jeff Hinckley and Brendon Moniz, 1442 (February, 22th 2022)

Elaina and Nathaniel, 1346 (February, 21th 2022)

Convey Ann and Sammy, 2207 (February, 21th 2022)

Emily and Sammi, 2000 (February, twentieth 2022)

Charles Dahine and Jean-Francois Robert, 2192 (February, twentieth 2022)

Tonya and Shawn, 1592 (February, twentieth 2022)

Madi and Megan, 1901 (February, nineteenth 2022)

Katie and Beam, 1289 (February, eighteenth 2022)

Katie and Dwight, 1141 (February, eighteenth 2022)

Kendall Cetin and Emily Petke, 1334 (February, seventeenth 2022)

Sander Boe and Fredrik Indrehus, 2430 (February, seventeenth 2022)

Amanda and Hannah, 2202 (February, seventeenth 2022)

Amanda and Madison, 2312 (February, seventeenth 2022)

Zackery Greim and Kristen Wallace, 1422 (February, seventeenth 2022)

Taylor Hughston and Kristen Wallace, 1580 (February, seventeenth 2022)

Kurt and Callum, 1270 (February, seventeenth 2022)

Brad and Michon, 2314 (February, sixteenth 2022)

Muzzy and Adam Strong , 2266 (February, sixteenth 2022)

Vinnie and Bradley, 1000 (February, fifteenth 2022)

Mark and Brooke, 1650 (February, fourteenth 2022)

Naseem and Dominique, 1106 (February, fourteenth 2022)

Kaitlyn and Brooke, 2427 (February, thirteenth 2022)

Sarah and Kierstyn, 1507 (February, thirteenth 2022)

Nico and Scratch, 2187 (February, twelfth 2022)

Mohamed and Fatima, 2001 (February, eleventh 2022)

Marino and Pyry, 1095 (February, eleventh 2022)

Freddy and Mary, 1611 (February, eleventh 2022)

Freddy and Tammy, 1590 (February, eleventh 2022)

Adam and Timothy, 2213 (February, eleventh 2022)

Janita and Hussain Raja Hammad, 1037 (February, tenth 2022)

Rahman and Hussain Raja Hammad, 1145 (February, tenth 2022)

Gabe and Carsyn, 1400 (February, tenth 2022)

Michael and Sydney, 1471 (February, ninth 2022)

Shantanu and Nimish, 1892 (February, eighth 2022)

Carmen and Anthony , 1085 (February, eighth 2022)

Alison Guerrero and Sarah Cabrera, 1876 (February, seventh 2022)

Romy and Marielle, 2336 (February, seventh 2022)

Brooke and Pursue, 1795 (February, fifth 2022)

Brooke and Katie, 1749 (February, fifth 2022)

Koen and Martin, 2386 (February, fifth 2022)

Leanne Jones and Nicola Turner, 2294 (February, fourth 2022)

Dhairya Rana and Pankti Chokshi, 1977 (February, third 2022)

Drewgraves and Turahnichole , 1365 (February, third 2022)

Janeidy Guzman-Nava and Aldahir Castro, 1425 (February, third 2022)

Reed B and Katrina B, 2304 (February, second 2022)

Fate and Zach, 1447 (January, 31th 2022)

Amanda MacDonald and Maria Pamboris, 1758 (January, 31th 2022)

Davy and Mathilde, 1401 (January, 31th 2022)

Davy and Deborah, 2000 (January, 31th 2022)

Åshild Malmin and Susann Deposit, 2424 (January, 31th 2022)

Daniel and Krzysztof, 1482 (January, 31th 2022)

Kubra Konus and Zeynep Alara karakas, 1212 (January, 29th 2022)

Callia and Maneika, 1635 (January, 29th 2022)

Sophia Tarazi and Freya Haksar, 2183 (January, 29th 2022)

Samantha and Jennifer, 2050 (January, 27th 2022)

Damien Nail and Caydence Catrain, 1660 (January, 27th 2022)

Derrick and Karlie, 1768 (January, 27th 2022)

Dominick and Julia, 2017 (January, 26th 2022)

Brandon Fasulka and Fall McLaughlin, 2460 (January, 25th 2022)

Julie and Massi, 1297 (January, 25th 2022)

Celine Das and Jeffrey Xu, 2004 (January, 25th 2022)

Madyson and Emily, 1380 (January, 25th 2022)

Jocelyn and Madelin, 1905 (January, 24th 2022)

Annika and Cienna, 1870 (January, 24th 2022)

Alec and Annika, 1997 (January, 24th 2022)

Syed Ali Ashar and Anoosheh, 1200 (January, 24th 2022)

Josh E and Lusia B, 2063 (January, 23th 2022)

Alex and Alec, 1990 (January, 23th 2022)

Joe Contois and Jim Horton, 1600 (January, 22th 2022)

Nouman Sandhu and Bobby, 1359 (January, 22th 2022)

Megan and Shane, 2426 (January, 22th 2022)

Katlyn H and Meghan F, 1675 (November, 29th 2021)

Arhaan And Piyush Obvious, 1629 (November, 28th 2021)

Tori Arrington and Alana Merecka , 1887 (November, 28th 2021)

Bailey Cripps and Daniel Starzyk, 1899 (November, 26th 2021)

Emma and Kenny Fisher, 2166 (November, 25th 2021)

Elizabeth and Kayla, 1600 (November, 25th 2021)

Juan Felipe Sarmiento and Felipe Torres Pizarro , 1789 (November, 25th 2021)

Noga Gefen and Noa Ekstein, 1937 (November, 25th 2021)

Kallie Morin and Taylor Flashes, 2000 (November, 24th 2021)

Salman Manzoor and Usman Rasheed, 1453 (November, 24th 2021)

Lewis and Ryan, 1946 (November, 24th 2021)

Robert and Justin, 1800 (November, 24th 2021)

Robert and Antonio, 1846 (November, 24th 2021)

Alicia Mackay and Nicole Meenan, 2000 (November, 24th 2021)

Ryan Abenth and Bricklayer Schwellenbach, 1801 (November, 24th 2021)

Camdyn Darne and Cindy Phan, 1970 (November, 22th 2021)

Sarah Kuo and Wesley Liu, 2017 (November, 22th 2021)

Luis and Victor , 2249 (November, 21th 2021)

Zach Award and Ryan Blum, 1965 (November, twentieth 2021)

Sam An and Imprint P, 2092 (November, twentieth 2021)

Niko and Kendra Cooper, 1805 (November, twentieth 2021)

Henry Columbus and Kristen Penkrot, 2347 (November, nineteenth 2021)

Gavin Egleston and Gina Geyer , 1660 (November, nineteenth 2021)

Zach Lundquest and Davin Marcomb, 1601 (November, nineteenth 2021)

Sarah Woosley and Makayla Padgett, 1788 (November, eighteenth 2021)

Aditya Kapadia and Simran Seth, 1665 (November, eighteenth 2021)

DJ and Fate , 1518 (November, eighteenth 2021)

Scratch daddy and Ollie b, 1778 (November, eighteenth 2021)

Junior and Holly , 1200 (November, eighteenth 2021)

Georgia Griffiths and Philippa Mayhew, 1977 (November, eighteenth 2021)

Sebastian Jörgensen and Robin Johansson , 1900 (November, seventeenth 2021)

Marcus Ström and Michelle Alm, 2200 (November, seventeenth 2021)

Rebecca and Josephine, 1763 (November, seventeenth 2021)

Bryn Williams and Wyatt Sickels, 2373 (November, sixteenth 2021)

Aino Valkeinen and David Nyman, 2000 (November, sixteenth 2021)

Annabel Jacobs and Jesse Dalfonso , 2115 (November, sixteenth 2021)

Olivia Ekstedt Ndure and Nilufar Miri , 2129 (November, fourteenth 2021)

Vincent Barbato and Haley Brewer, 1935 (November, fourteenth 2021)

Illeana Frenchman and taya Kearnes, 1788 (November, fourteenth 2021)

Jake Anapolsky and Louis Campanella, 1772 (November, thirteenth 2021)

Andrea An and Cassidy W, 2349 (November, thirteenth 2021)

Keara and Kayla, 2170 (November, twelfth 2021)

Eirik Stormo and Gina Hontas, 2101 (November, twelfth 2021)

Carlos Castillo and Anna Verdillo, 2036 (November, twelfth 2021)

Lindsey and Stephanie, 2196 (November, eleventh 2021)

James Taggart and Dan Gomar, 2118 (November, eleventh 2021)

Naz Dündar and Leyla Tınaz, 1359 (November, eleventh 2021)

Jillian Palm and Mallory Smith , 1624 (November, eleventh 2021)

Ashia sakura and Joshua Perez , 1456 (November, eleventh 2021)

Tyler DePriest and Delanie Fortgang, 1190 (November, tenth 2021)

Equity and Devin, 2030 (November, tenth 2021)

Kelsey Kennedy and Kelly Kukkonen, 2284 (November, ninth 2021)

Karina Mirzaian and Shelby Carroll, 2000 (November, ninth 2021)

Brandon Chase and Burglarize Partin, 1131 (November, eighth 2021)

Faharia Afrin and Michelle Lau , 1711 (November, eighth 2021)

Faharia Afrin and Jannatul Tamanna, 1825 (November, eighth 2021)

Azrielle Mondejar and Dale Santiago, 1571 (November, eighth 2021)

Adriana Velez and Elisha Velez, 1042 (November, seventh 2021)

Beauty Ashton and Luci Baldwin, 1798 (November, seventh 2021)

Carmen Puente and Rachel Garcia Puente, 1555 (November, seventh 2021)

Jackson Wollan and Brett Heale, 1719 (November, seventh 2021)

Ashleigh Abboud and Jessica Miles, 1971 (November, sixth 2021)

Harley Coxon and Chandler Duffle, 1599 (November, sixth 2021)

Heidi Williams and David Anderson, 1759 (November, sixth 2021)

Elsie Thompson and Sophie Dowling, 1346 (November, sixth 2021)

Patrick Ravida and Ella Drinking spree, 1153 (November, fifth 2021)

Eric Candanosa and David Reza, 1500 (November, fifth 2021)

Haich and Lil frogs, 1560 (November, fourth 2021)

Elyce and Shyra, 1302 (November, fourth 2021)

Patrick Ravida and Kara Perry, 1546 (November, fourth 2021)

David and Diana, 1524 (November, second 2021)

Devriendt Gregory and Devriendt Yvan, 1922 (November, second 2021)

Tanisha and Aimee, 1327 (October, 31st 2021)

Gabrielle Alex and Julianne Germain, 1534 (October, 31st 2021)

Priyal Suryavanshi and Arshnoor, 1600 (October, 31st 2021)

Mehul and Avani, 1292 (October, 31st 2021)

Clara and Acelya, 2155 (October, 30th 2021)

Jimena Hernández and Jaime Vigil, 2240 (October, 30th 2021)

Doug Lid and Kenny Norris, 2149 (October, 30th 2021)

Jessica Koshy and Sophie Hankin, 1458 (October, 30th 2021)

Julia Eikeland and Stine Bergan, 1720 (October, 30th 2021)

Tiffany V and Stephen B, 2209 (October, 28th 2021)

Tim Lohrfink and Eli Case, 1771 (October, 28th 2021)

Chris Lizio and Scratch Gaulin, 1725 (October, 28th 2021)

Kailey Wrinkle and Emily Harris, 2221 (October, 27th 2021)

Kev Maley and Scratch Shragher, 2085 (October, 27th 2021)

Emily short and Tegan Nicoli, 1616 (October, 27th 2021)

Nikki Edwards and Connor Rodwell , 1612 (October, 23th 2021)

Bailey Schmidt and Garrett Schmidt, 1600 (October, 23th 2021)

Austin buck and Joshua Krage, 1499 (October, 25th 2021)

Brittany Dougherty and Tracy Mulholland, 2299 (October, 25th 2021)

Colles and Adrija, 1681 (October, 23th 2021)

Sundus Amin and Sakina Murtaza, 1681 (October, 23th 2021)

Brooke Kearns and Julia Riekena, 1699 (October, 23th 2021)

Madelon Fokke and Corina Fokke, 1398 (October, 22th 2021)

Casey and Timmy, 1718 (October, 22th 2021)

Weeber and Cloudy, 1926 (October, 22th 2021)

Hardik Modi and Diksha Mathreja, 1189 (October, 22th 2021)

Linda and Phini, 1749 (October, 21th 2021)

cami and kayla, 1713 (October, 21th 2021)

Nery Cardiel and Christine Cardiel, 1315 (October, 21th 2021)

Dj and Rachael, 1885 (October, twentieth 2021)

Simon Vaughan and Chelle Vaughan, 1705 (October, twentieth 2021)

Kendra Laudermilk and Caitlin Laudermilk, 1759 (October, nineteenth 2021)

Aryan and Utkarsh, 1840 (October, nineteenth 2021)

Juan Flores and Cognac Villasana, 1500 (October, nineteenth 2021)

Tarau Bianca and Chiorean Cristina, 2002 (October, nineteenth 2021)

Elijah and Amy, 2295 (October, eighteenth 2021)

Mario and Burhan, 1420 (October, seventeenth 2021)

Omer and Alem, 1363 (October, seventeenth 2021)

Jelle de Waard and Jarno Koudstaal, 1996 (October, sixteenth 2021)

Emily B and Kavin Hamilton, 1909 (October, sixteenth 2021)

Rylan Lord and Jordan Schlosser, 2315 (October, fifteenth 2021)

Danielle D and Miranda P, 1518 (October, fifteenth 2021)

Hailey Fritzman and Nathan Lasher, 1707 (October, fifteenth 2021)

Allison S and Makenna S, 1128 (October, fifteenth 2021)

Jay Meyer and Garnet Stevenson, 1949 (October, fifteenth 2021)

Melina Fedele and Zach D’Arpino, 2162 (October, fifteenth 2021)

Tania Veronica and Sindu Chemmal, 1914 (October, fifteenth 2021)

Hannah Mougharbel and Devin McBride, 1725 (October, fourteenth 2021)

Mae Gun and Kyle Murphy , 1245 (October, fourteenth 2021)

Gina Batiz and Joni Batiz, 2044 (October, fourteenth 2021)

Madeleine Borg and Maria Johansson, 2215 (October, twelfth 2021)

Sabrina Fernandes and Kelly Huang, 1839 (October, twelfth 2021)

Emily and Emma, 2162 (October, twelfth 2021)

Honest and Jess, 1228 (October, twelfth 2021)

Athena and Rachel, 1900 (October, eleventh 2021)

Smit and Aryan, 1020 (October, eleventh 2021)

Ryan Jacobs and Shelby Dim, 1099 (October, eleventh 2021)

Caleb and Miranda, 2114 (October, ninth 2021)

Tyler and Octavius, 1802 (October, ninth 2021)

Brittany Weston and Celina Palfrey, 1990 (October, seventh 2021)

Shaelyn Waltemire and Haleigh Zimmerman, 1989 (October, sixth 2021)

Shaelyn Waltemire and Nikki Zimmerman, 1845 (October, sixth 2021)

Victoria and Robert, 1298 (October, sixth 2021)

Declan and Adele, 1426 (October, fifth 2021)

Declan and Harry, 1198 (October, fifth 2021)

Almedin and Dejan, 1700 (October, fifth 2021)

Leanna and Jacklyn, 1975 (October, fifth 2021)

Sarah Horse and Caylin Roberts, 1801 (October, fourth 2021)

Lucas Kendall and Owen, 1550 (October, fourth 2021)

Will Palumbo and Sydney Murphy, 1639 (October, second 2021)

Matt Lord and Chris Macintosh, 1391 (October, first 2021)

Kelly Lawrie and Katie Barnes, 1702 (September, 30th 2021)

Kristie Murphy and Madyson Murphy, 2020 (September, 30th 2021)

Nicholas Hubbard and Joel barboza, 1073 (September, 30th 2021)

Shelbey and Molly , 1955 (September, 30th 2021)

Light and Davide, 1667 (September, 29th 2021)

Beste and Pelinsu Kocak, 1455 (September, 28th 2021)

Beste and Umut, 1382 (September, 28th 2021)

Kaitlynn and James, 2001 (September, 28th 2021)

Mantas Rutkauskas and Karolina Jasaite, 1286 (September, 28th 2021)

Nikki and Haley, 1751 (September, 28th 2021)

Abubakar and Sabrina, 1992 (September, 27th 2021)

Joshua K and Charlie W, 2127 (September, 27th 2021)

Tim Sotterman and Tommy, 2171 (September, 27th 2021)

Daniel Robinson and Justin Brenning, 1624 (September, 26th 2021)

Morganne Gigray and Makenna Spence, 1754 (September, 26th 2021)

Scott and Sierra, 1567 (September, 26th 2021)

Katie Barden and Erin New, 2196 (September, 25th 2021)

Xavier and Paige, 1381 (September, 24th 2021)

Xavier and Kelsi, 1611 (September, 24th 2021)

Allan Sept and Mike Rodriguez, 1771 (September, 24th 2021)

Ghareeb Tahir and Shayan muzafar, 1572 (September, 22th 2021)

Adrian Vazquez and Heavenly messenger Tatum, 1616 (September, 21th 2021)

Andrew and Jessica, 2029 (September, 21th 2021)

Veronica Fahmy and Tom Delegate, 1000 (September, 21th 2021)

Faiq Malik and Shahan Chaudhary, 1126 (September, twentieth 2021)

Adolfo and Asha, 1431 (September, nineteenth 2021)

Annie Anisko and Millie Spot, 1907 (September, nineteenth 2021)

Caitlin and Rachel, 2199 (September, nineteenth 2021)

Dillon Vu and John Trausch, 1904 (September, nineteenth 2021)

Holly Le and Thao Le, 1820 (September, seventeenth 2021)

Robin and Birk, 1817 (September, seventeenth 2021)

Addie Terpstra and Kenzie Russel , 1644 (September, sixteenth 2021)

Braxton Pinske and Olivia Amos, 1911 (September, sixteenth 2021)

Etsub Demile and Fatou Diouf, 1757 (September, fifteenth 2021)

Lindsay Jefferson and Adele Richardson, 2307 (September, fifteenth 2021)

Taylor Sigmon and Ciara Pennell, 1704 (September, fifteenth 2021)

McKenzie and Shelbey, 2192 (September, fourteenth 2021)

Preston Conner and Tracker Etherton, 1736 (September, fourteenth 2021)

Stephanie cooke and Tyler Gossip, 1266 (September, thirteenth 2021)

Martin and Hristian, 1561 (September, twelfth 2021)

Nikita Natu and Lucy Beswick


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