Is Rigshr Scam or Legit {Oct 2022} Is It A Legit Website Or Not?


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Are you an internet based customer searching for Halloween deals on a computerized platform. Do you have instruments, cabinet apparatuses, and device processors on your shopping list? Rigshr, a web-based commercial center with a huge merchandise choice for computerized customers in The US, is Rigshr.

This platform offers different utility items, with the Halloween deal bringing the cost up down to half off. We have been examining this site to decide Is Rigshr Scam? .


  • A site has been online for a very long time and was registered 18 April 2022.
  • Following eight months, the site has been latent.
  • The site’s trust score is 2%. This shows that it is a sketchy site.
  • Rigshr doesn’t have a virtual entertainment presence.
  • There are no client audits about this store on the public survey locales.
  • The Rigshr space lapses on 18 April 2023.
  • Apparently the picture and text content on this site were duplicated from a scam site.
  • The platform’s site does exclude the proprietor’s information.
  • Rigshr Survey trust record is 39.6%.
  • It has a danger profile that is 46/100.


Rigshr Shop is a web-based shop that sells accessories and utility things in various categories. The platform has north of 1000 pages of merchandise. It is impractical to find the thing you are searching for on the grounds that the site doesn’t as expected categorize it. The following are a portion of the items that were sold through this platform.

Turf Tire four utilize

  • Battery-powered pot
  • Projector for television
  • Tool compartment
  • A cooking oven
  • Lego toys
  • Spa and water siphons
  • We should investigate the highlights, upsides and downsides of to check whether it’s a scam or legit.


  • Space name –
  • Address of the site –
  • Mail Address –
  • Long-lasting Location – Southwest 42nd Porch Miami, Florida 33155, US
  • Pamphlet – accessible
  • Transporting strategy – 10-15 days for item conveyance.
  • Discount Time – 7 Days
  • Return Time – 30 Days
  • Installment strategy PayPal door
  • Contact number: +1 330 942 7240
  • Up-sides FROM THE RIGSHR SHOP Site:

It offers free transportation administrations for its clients.

Standard practices in the web based business industry incorporate a thirty-day merchandise exchange and a seven-day discount period.

Is a Scam or Legit ? accepts email locations and telephone numbers will assist customers in settling any questions they might have about the store.

  • The site makes reference to the actual location, which is a positive sign for the store.
  • This site has a low trust rating and file, which is the main sign that it’s a fake store.
  • Following eight months, Alexa positions at nothing. This demonstrates that there has been no traffic to the platform.
  • Another sign that a site is not trustworthy is the shortfall of client surveys on audit locales.
  • The site doesn’t contain the proprietor’s information.
  • This store doesn’t have a virtual entertainment presence.


Albeit the site is just eight months old, it actually has zero Alexa rank. This space has not been checked on by any clients.

Albeit this site permits clients to leave input on items bought through its platform, we were unable to track down any surveys. You can learn about the PayPal installment scam by clicking here.

Last Decision:

The site doesn’t have many legitimate subtleties. We prescribe online customers to stay away from this site and on second thought buy from a legitimate site.

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Q.1 Where is this site found?

This store can be gotten to by going into the location bar.

Q.2 Date this site was registered? was registered on 8 April 2022.

Q.3 Which items can be bought on

This site sells most utility items.

Q.4 How high is this site’s Alexa rank?

This site has been given no position by Alexa.

Q.5 Who is the contact individual for this store?

The store’s telephone number is +1 330 942 7240.

Q.6 Is a scam or legit shop?

It has a trust score 2%

Q.7 When does the area terminate?

This space will lapse 8 April 2023.

Q.8 Are client surveys of this site accessible on open audit locales like

No, the site doesn’t have client revisions.


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