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Hi Wizards, With a Hit Dice of 1d6 per Wizard Level, and Hit Points of +6 at first level of your Constitution modifier; you are at an extraordinary increase. Aside from every one of the significant elements you have close by as a Wizard, we have a rundown of spells you have close by in DnD referenced underneath.

With the Knifes, darts, slings, quarterstaffs, and light crossbows; saving tosses like Knowledge and Insight is continuously going to take you on a roll before your foes. Be that as it may, with the ranges of abilities of Arcana, History, Knowledge, Examination, Medication, and Religion; you can pick two for you. This will be disheartening once in a while yet we should get the greater benefit and capitalize on it.

Following is the Wizard Spell Rundown. It depends on various spell levels, names, and schools. Go through it and pick what suits you the best.

Spell Rundown For Wizards DnD

Wizard Spell Rundown dnd

Spell Level Name School

0 (Cantrip) Acid Splash Conjuration

0 (Cantrip) Chill Touch Necromancy

0 (Cantrip) Dancing Lights Evocation

0 (Cantrip) Fire Bolt Evocation

0 (Cantrip) Light Evocation

0 (Cantrip) Mage Hand Conjuration

0 (Cantrip) Mending Transmutation

0 (Cantrip) Message Transmutation

0 (Cantrip) Minor Illusion Illusion

0 (Cantrip) Poison Spray Conjuration

0 (Cantrip) Prestidigitation Transmutation

0 (Cantrip) Ray of Frost Evocation

0 (Cantrip) Shocking Grasp Evocation

0 (Cantrip) True Strike Divination

1 Alarm Abjuration

1 Burning Hands Evocation

1 Charm Person Enchantment

1 Color Spray Illusion

1 Comprehend Languages Divination

1 Detect Magic Divination

1 Disguise Self Illusion

1 Expeditious Retreat Transmutation

1 False Life Necromancy

1 Feather Fall Transmutation

1 Find Familiar Conjuration

1 Floating Disk Conjuration

1 Fog Cloud Conjuration

1 Grease Conjuration

1 Hideous Laughter Enchantment

1 Identify Divination

1 Illusory Script Illusion

1 Jump Transmutation

1 Longstrider Transmutation

1 Mage Armor Abjuration

1 Magic Missile Evocation

1 Protection from Fiendishness and Good Abjuration

1 Shield Abjuration

1 Silent Image Illusion

1 Sleep Enchantment

1 Thunderwave Evocation

1 Unseen Servant Conjuration

2 Acid Arrow Evocation

2 Alter Self Transmutation

2 Arcane Lock Abjuration

2 Arcanist’s Enchanted Aura Illusion

2 Blindness/Deafness Necromancy

2 Blur Illusion

2 Continual Flame Evocation

2 Darkness Evocation

2 Darkvision Transmutation

2 Detect Thoughts Divination

2 Enlarge/Reduce Transmutation

2 Flaming Sphere Conjuration

2 Gentle Repose Necromancy

2 Gust of Wind Evocation

2 Hold Person Enchantment

2 Invisibility Illusion

2 Knock Transmutation

2 Levitate Transmutation

2 Locate Object Divination

2 Magic Mouth Illusion

2 Magic Weapon Transmutation

2 Mirror Image Illusion

2 Misty Step Conjuration

2 Ray of Enfeeblement Necromancy

2 Rope Trick Transmutation

2 Scorching Ray Evocation

2 See Invisibility Divination

2 Shatter Evocation

2 Spider Climb Transmutation

2 Suggestion Enchantment

2 Web Conjuration

3 Animate Dead Necromancy

3 Bestow Curse Necromancy

3 Blink Transmutation

3 Clairvoyance Divination

3 Counterspell Abjuration

3 Dispel Magic Abjuration

3 Fear Illusion

3 Fireball Evocation

3 Fly Transmutation

3 Gaseous Form Transmutation

3 Glyph of Warding Abjuration

3 Haste Transmutation

3 Hypnotic Pattern Illusion

3 Lightning Bolt Evocation

3 Magic Circle Abjuration

3 Major Image Illusion

3 Nondetection Abjuration

3 Phantom Steed Illusion

3 Protection from Energy Abjuration

3 Remove Curse Abjuration

3 Sending Evocation

3 Sleet Storm Conjuration

3 Slow Transmutation

3 Stinking Cloud Conjuration

3 Tiny Hut Evocation

3 Tongues Divination

3 Vampiric Touch Necromancy

3 Water Breathing Transmutation

4 Arcane Eye Divination

4 Banishment Abjuration

4 Black Tentacles Conjuration

4 Blight Necromancy

4 Confusion Enchantment

4 Conjure Minor Elementals Conjuration

4 Control Water Transmutation

4 Dimension Door Conjuration

4 Fabricate Transmutation

4 Faithful Hound Conjuration

4 Fire Shield Evocation

4 Greater Invisibility Illusion

4 Hallucinatory Terrain Illusion

4 Ice Storm Evocation

4 Locate Creature Divination

4 Phantasmal Killer Illusion

4 Polymorph Transmutation

4 Private Sanctum Abjuration

4 Resilient Sphere Evocation

4 Secret Chest Conjuration

4 Stone Shape Transmutation

4 Stoneskin Abjuration

4 Wall of Fire Evocation

5 Animate Objects Transmutation

5 Arcane Hand Evocation

5 Cloudkill Conjuration

5 Cone of Cold Evocation

5 Conjure Elemental Conjuration

5 Contact Other Plane Divination

5 Creation Illusion

5 Dominate Person Enchantment

5 Dream Illusion

5 Geas Enchantment

5 Hold Monster Enchantment

5 Legend Lore Divination

5 Mislead Illusion

5 Modify Memory Enchantment

5 Passwall Transmutation

5 Planar Binding Abjuration

5 Scrying Divination

5 Seeming Illusion

5 Telekinesis Transmutation

5 Telepathic Bond Divination

5 Teleportation Circle Conjuration

5 Wall of Force Evocation

5 Wall of Stone Evocation

6 Chain Lightning Evocation

6 Circle of Death Necromancy

6 Contingency Evocation

6 Create Undead Necromancy

6 Disintegrate Transmutation

6 Eyebite Necromancy

6 Flesh to Stone Transmutation

6 Freezing Sphere Evocation

6 Globe of Invulnerability Abjuration

6 Guards and Wards Abjuration

6 Instant Summons Conjuration

6 Irresistible Dance Enchantment

6 Magic Jar Necromancy

6 Mass Suggestion Enchantment

6 Move Earth Transmutation

6 Programmed Illusion Illusion

6 Sunbeam Evocation

6 True Seeing Divination

6 Wall of Ice Evocation

7 Arcane Sword Evocation

7 Delayed Impact Fireball Evocation

7 Etherealness Transmutation

7 Finger of Death Necromancy

7 Forcecage Evocation

7 Magnificent Mansion Conjuration

7 Mirage Arcane Illusion

7 Plane Shift Conjuration

7 Prismatic Spray Evocation

7 Project Image Illusion

7 Reverse Gravity Transmutation

7 Sequester Transmutation

7 Simulacrum Illusion

7 Symbol Abjuration

7 Teleport Conjuration

8 Antimagic Field Abjuration

8 Antipathy/Sympathy Enchantment

8 Clone Necromancy

8 Control Weather Transmutation

8 Demiplane Conjuration

8 Dominate Monster Enchantment

8 Feeblemind Enchantment

8 Incendiary Cloud Conjuration

8 Maze Conjuration

8 Mind Blank Abjuration

8 Power Word Stun Enchantment

8 Sunburst Evocation

9 Astral Projection Necromancy

9 Foresight Divination

9 Gate Conjuration

9 Imprisonment Abjuration

9 Meteor Swarm Evocation

9 Power Word Kill Enchantment

9 Prismatic Wall Abjuration

9 Shapechange Transmutation

9 Time Stop Transmutation

9 True Polymorph Transmutation

9 Weird Illusion

9 Wish Conjuration

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Wrapping Up

As we end this, We truly want to believe that you got what you were likely searching for. The different spells are separated in a way that is the go-to choice for each sort of character. On the off chance that you have any questions, record them underneath. And furthermore look at our different articles on DnD for additional help.

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